Write a letter to your friend inviting him on your birthday

Do let me know if you are okay with this plan. Hope you are doing great. I'll take you to Jerash to visit the ancient Roman city and later enjoy a movie.

I've many nostalgic memories of you and I really miss you. I am overwhelmed that you'll visit our city and I already have a list of plans.

sample birthday invitation letter to friends

We can try some local foods and enjoy the life in Jordan. I have thought about places where we can visit together and interesting things we can do together.

How are you? Furthermore, it has received positive reviews from major movie critics.

letter to invite friend on birthday party for class 3

Sample Letter: Dear Sara,It was my utmost pleasure to receive your letter and I really am grateful for our friendship. I can prepare an apartment on the 2nd floor for you to stay in.

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Letter to a friend inviting for a party at home