Write a dialogue between two friends about importance of learning english

importance of learning english dialogue for class 7

A sound command over English is a prerequisite for good job and good salary. It is an international language. Besides, if you learn english properly you can get a good job with better sallery. Zarif: Fine, thank you.

dialogue between two friends about how to learn english

Zarif: Of course. Myself: That's not good.

easy dialogue importance of learning english

My friend: Certainly not. Zafi: Yes, it is only English that can help us to enter the storehouse of knowledge. Answer: Myself: Good evening?

Dialogue two friend importance of learning english

Thank you for your all words. This situation must be changed if we want to keep pace with the modern world. For that we are lagging behind our neighbours. My friend: I know, you are right. In this age of globalization, it plays an important role for communication in the present world. It is an international language. Zafi: Exactly, and as a result they are being deprived of getting good job and receiving handsome salary. Is anything wrong? But it is a matter of shame that most of the university graduates lack proper knowledge on English. I am not satisfied with wit. It is an international language. It is really disgraceful. Why are you looking sad? Zarif: Right you are. Our international relations and trade would be affected much if we do not learn English well.
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A diologue on the importance of learning English