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Poverty elimination in Islamic perspective: An applied general equilibrium approach.

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Nevertheless, none of these schemes cover workers from the agriculture region, the informal economy and those in the formal sector who are either employed temporarily or through contractors or are employed in companies with less than ten workers.

Their active participation definitely helps their communities to escape the poverty trap.

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Therefore, initiatives should have been taken to provide social security to every citizen including private and rural workers. The law and order problem worsens their condition as boys and girls are fair game to others who would force them into stealing, scavenging and smuggling to survive. Rural areas are suffering from more poverty than urban areas; therefore, the government should give priority to rural areas to reduce poverty. Dogarawa, A. This bank also supported social mobilization activities within poor communities and development of infrastructures such as water channels and link roads in the neglected rural areas. There are different types of NGOs, which are associated with different types of social services. Whereas being poor has various criteria and it is often a mystery that divides them into categories and identifies what do poor need, instead of realizing the real need for poor. Manan, M. As poverty is more prevalent in rural than urban areas, it calls for special attention from the state toward rural areas.

Also, the failure by the state to provide adequate law and order in many parts of the country is a factor in the rise of vulnerability of the poor. Federal Bureau of Statistics, Islamabad.

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In addition to these strategies, further research is required on the features of poverty. The biggest cause of rural poverty is lack of social security for workers, because most workers depend on their daily or monthly wages which contribute to their current life that does not provide security for the future.

Poverty is widespread in Pakistan and is predominantly a rural phenomenon.

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Zarqa, M. Jeddah: Islamic Research and Training Institute. Lahore: Maktaba Islamia. Key initiatives, including government reforms mentioned earlier, reflect this comprehensive approach. Policy guidelines for PPAF are provided by the board of directors, which contains three members from the government and nine members from the civil society. UK: Islamic Foundation. May References: Afzal, M.

Islamabad: International Institute of Islamic Economics. The biggest criticism to this model is that local governments does not have satisfactory human, financial, and logistic resources.

Distributive Justice in Islam. Moreover, 40 percent of the urban population lives in slum areas.

literature review on poverty in pakistan
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