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Remembering his experiences in the desert, it seems like Almasy cannot bring up his memories chronologically.

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After Hana stays to help Kip demine the bomb, Kip is resentful that Hana might now expect something from him - that he owes her for her remaining with him under such dangerous circumstances. The patient's only possession is a copy of Herodotus' Histories with notes, pictures and mementos contained inside.

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There is love and lust at first with Hana, but soon it becomes clear that all he needs is the embrace of a woman who he can project as his mother. He wants Laszlo to admit who he is in order to kill him.

They agree they will meet again. It is only the truth in the soul, which transcends time, that matters in the novel.

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Laszlo and Katharine are now together, but with a broken ankle and ribs she cannot make it out of the desert and though Laszlo valiantly attempts to rescue her he is too late. But they work on film, and augment the magic of the cinema. Hana, meanwhile, begins the novel moving firmly towards death - she is obsessed with it, even, to the point of wanting to stay in the unsafe villa simply to be with her patient.

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His method contains temporal and geographical transitions that shift in poetic, emotional, though perhaps not logical ways. When Katharine returns to Laszlo it is in the desert. The story tells the audience what they need to know when they need to know it. They transport him to Madox's sequestered plane at Kufra Oasis, where he exchanges its stored survey maps for fuel, enabling him to fly back to the cave. She confesses that she has always loved him despite ending their affair. Thus because their love began here it represents that it cannot grow. Their expedition is joined by a British couple, Geoffrey and Katharine Clifton, who own a new plane and are to contribute to the aerial survey efforts. Minghella solves the problem of turning a good book into a good movie by altering the book enough to leave behind its literary merits and transform them into cinematic ones. Passion vs. We also see Hana and Kip 's romance begin towards the end of the war. As he recounts the story, Almasy is surprised at how all-consuming passion can be - he can no longer remember all the details of his own politicized role in the world, because all he cares to remember is Katharine and the way she changed him. I can only recount its ingredients; in it are small, poetic essays on love, passion, loyalty, patriotism, imperialism, war, cynicism, art, history, racism, loss and courage.

Kip Based on the novel The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje who will provide film commentary and answer questions immediately following the screening. The patient tells Hana and Caravaggio that in the late s he was exploring a region of the Sahara Desert near the Egyptian-Libyan border.

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The English Patient (Film) Themes