The speech of polly baker essay help

the speech of polly baker essay help

In essence she has the gift of manipulation or the gift of words. For instance, they look down upon women and are seen as tough, yet if a women would talk down to a man, she would be seen as disrespectful and would probably be hit.

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I shall not trouble your Honours with long Speeches; for I have not the presumption to expect, that you may, by any Means, be prevailed on to deviate in your Sentence from the Law, in my Favour.

Polly uses this to make her argument stronger and make the reader understand the challenges women face.

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She believes that instead God is happy with her deeds and she has simply taken part in the natural process of increasing and multiplying the population. Polly makes sure she is not being disrespectful in anyway. What she says is correct, and right but the way she argues is wonderfully crafted in a logical and powerful way. What examples of concession and refutation do you find? Mum was right there was a flickering light coming from inside the cave. Tia Black Josephine Baker, in my opinion, is the twentieth century figure whose work and artistic contribution can be classified in both age of modernism and age of pluralism. As bakers normally work according to tight production schedules, it is important for them. Finally, she mentions the increasing number of single men, who are scared of how expensive raising a family is and simply do not reproduce. Johnson doing nothing to help her complaint. What instances of a double standard does Polly point out? What does Franklin achieve by writing in the voice of a women and creating this fictional scenario rather than writing a straightforward criticism of a system that he believes women are treated unfairly. Benjamin Franklin, The assignment was a literal challenge for Russell, but once completed, he was awarded praise from his teacher and his pupils.

She says that she has brought children into the world, risking her life and doing everything she can to allow them to live and grow up. Lastly, she describes how the law is unjustified.

What ethos does the character establish at the outset?

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Plaintiff consults with the attorney Mr. She no longer knows what to do because they are never happy either way. They have already tortured her enough.

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But, can even this be a Fault of mine? The Maryland Gazette, August 11, ; first printed April 15, They are able to connect with the speaker more if they know what they are saying is genuine. This implies that she has no control on whether or not she has children, thus the church has no reason to blame her. In a way his alias and character Miss Polly Baker kind of made his statement stronger and harder hitting then he himself could have just as Franklin. I have brought Five fine Children into the World, at the Risque of my Life: I have maintained them well by my own Industry, without burthening the Township, and could have done it better, if it had not been for the heavy Charges and Fines I have paid. May it please the Honourable Bench to indulge me a few Words: I am a poor unhappy Woman; who have no Money to Fee Lawyers to plead for me, being hard put to it to get a tolerable Living. How does Polly tailor her argument or does she?

If mine, then, is a religious Offence, leave it, Gentlemen, to religious Punishments. The whole argument comes to a close when she accuses the men and fathers who have left their wives and children and caused all of these hideous things.

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The assignment was a literal challenge for Russell, but once completed, he was awarded praise from his teacher and his pupils. But, can even this be a Fault of mine? Polly compares this two situations to make the audience realize that women are not doing anything wrong compared to men, yet they face more problems. She questions the fairness of the law in general. Therefore, by bringing them up, the audience will take her more seriously. Men are able to do what they desire without facing any sort of judgement from society. Johnson doing nothing to help her complaint. She is arguing her case in front of a court of law, without a lawyer, because she is unable to afford one. Things have to be done in a certain matter in order for the church to be pleased, but it is hard for the woman to keep everything in place. She had been punished for this same situation 5 times, but she was never able to receive any help because she was a women. Later on, she mentions scenarios with higher officials like the King and the Church. He was never punished, and instead became a Magistrate of the courts.

The way they treat her for performing these actions is too much for any one. However, as she goes along she, or I should say Franklin, proposes some strong arguments against the punishment women receive for having a bastard child out of wedlock.

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The Speech of Miss Polly Baker by Benjamin Franklin