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Badland is a region with a large number of deep gullies or ravines, e. They are also important in developing technologies for reversing land degradation trends and mitigating the greenhouse effect through land and ecosystem restoration. In such cases, the soil is eroded as layers from the hill slopes, sometimes slowly and insidiously and sometimes more rapidly. Smelting releases metallic ions and carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere, creating acidic rain which impacts wildlife, biological organisms, and even human health in many ways. Yet the Loess Plateau is intrinsically fertile, is easy to till and has enormous agricultural potential. This situation is particularly serious in Asia and the Pacific because most good agricultural land has already been opened up. But in regions where the rivers overflow onto the plains, the erosion is severe. Desertification can also be defined as a process that reduces biological productivity and the intensification of desert conditions Hellden As FAO has put it, 'A lack of control over resources; population growth; a lack of alternative avenues of livelihood: and inequity are all contributing to the degradation of the region's resources. As the land resource base becomes less productive, food security is compromised and competition for dwindling resources increases, the seeds of famine and potential conflict are sown. Land shortage and poverty, taken together, lead to non-sustainable land management practices, the direct causes of degradation. The Green Revolution has been accompanied by over exploitation of land and water resources and use of fertilizers and pesticides have increased manifold. The vicious cycle of land degradation Land, population and degradation The two most important driving forces of land degradation in Asia and the Pacific are limited land resources and population increase. Productivity impacts of land degradation are due to a decline in land quality on site where degradation occurs e. Rather, it is the practices of the human population that can cause a landscape to become degraded.

It is virtually impossible to stop overgrazing in areas where grazing rights are not defined. Wind erosion affects 40 percent of the agricultural land in the dry zone. If accelerated erosion continues unabated, yield reductions by may be Less rain then infiltrates the soil.

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As the years go by, people move around the area, destroying the natural flora of the land. When this happens, the entire soil layer may be removed in a few years.

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Dregne and Chou used the terms slight, moderate, severe, and very severe to designate the severity of degradation. In India, the women realized that degradation of productive land has led to the erosion of top soil; the choking of water drainage was causing salinity and loss of food crops. The importance of land degradation among global issues is enhanced because of its impact on world food security and quality of the environment. In Latin America, for example, land in use per person was 0. Oldeman used the terms light, moderate, strong, and extreme, and these terms may not be comparable to those of Dregne and Chou. On steep land, the heavy moisture-laden soil often comes down bodily, resulting in a landslide. Small finger-like rills begin to appear on the landscape. Land Degradation: An overview H. Important among physical processes are a decline in soil structure leading to crusting, compaction, erosion, desertification, anaerobism, environmental pollution, and unsustainable use of natural resources. Sheet erosion is more or less universal on:- — all bare follow land, — all uncultivated land whose plant cover has been thinned out by over grazing, fire or other misuse, and -all sloping cultivated fields and on sloping forest, scrub jungles where natural porosity of soil has been removed by heavy grazing, felling of trees or burning etc.

Looking for another one is not an option. Causes[ edit ] Soil erosion in a wheat field near PullmanUS Overcutting of vegetation occurs when people cut forests, woodlands and shrublands—to obtain timberfuelwood and other products—at a pace exceeding the rate of natural regrowth.

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Soil is one of the most important natural resources of man. Land degradation and desertification What is land degradation?

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The masking effect of improved technology provides a false sense of security.

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Land degradation threatens human wellbeing, major report warns