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Fertility Nurse Fertility or reproductive nurses treat and educate patients and couples on all areas involving fertility i. The government will be launching nursing degree apprenticeships later this year which will allow you to study at degree level alongside your existing role, normally in a healthcare setting.

They can work in hospitals, usually in trauma or ER wards, or assist coroners and medical examiners.

Nursing career options

They also create and present detailed reports that help health leaders make data-supported decisions. To obtain the certified diabetes educator credential, candidates need an unencumbered RN license and at least two years of relevant work experience. Others seek emergency or urgent care when it's not necessary. Legal Consultancy Nurse Legal consultancy nurses work for government agencies and insurance companies. The service has become popular because of its ability to prevent under-utilization, over-utilization, and generally ineffective use of health resources. Other Specialized Nursing Roles Nurses may work in varied community settings. Nurses often pursue certification in a specialty area after they have been on a particular unit or working with a particular population for a period of time.

Due to the diverse patient population these practitioners serve, they require graduate-level academic training and additional certification. Some nursing homes even serve residents who are ventilator dependent. Many nurses also work with people in good health, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and providing individuals with actionable advice on how to live longer and healthier lives.

With a varied intake, which depends on the day and sometimes on the hour, the ER nurse is responsible for continuously prioritizing the needs of the patients in the emergency ward in order to ensure everyone remains stable as doctors move to treat, admit, or refer to ancillary care.

Paramedic Paramedics provide care services to sick or injured persons in emergency and pre-hospital settings. Courses vary, but often include foundational science and nursing courses, general education courses, hands-on labs, and a supervised clinical practicum.

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Additionally, dermatology nurses possess extensive knowledge of topical medications. Basic numeracy and literacy skills are essential for nursing jobs as contact with the general public and basic mathematic calculations are integral parts of the job. They also facilitate health education and outreach programs.

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They can work in reproductive centers assisting physicians with fertility treatments and procedures, or they may focus on counseling and education. Typical duties of a GI nurse include assisting with procedures like endoscopies, medication management, dietary education, and administration of conscious sedation.

A nursing career can provide personal growth, solid earnings, and an increasing level of responsibility as you progress through your career.

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Nursing Career Paths