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I am proud that my sister is going to go the most prestigious university in the country. Students started agitating against militarization of politics. The constitution of the organization was modeled on that of the Indian National Congress.

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Leadership in student politics means insurance of a life of plenty afterwards. He besides adds. Unwanted people are transferred, some resign or are forced to retire and promotions are based on party political affiliations. To get seat in my hall. Opposition parties out of their suspicion refused to follow. This could have facilitated taking it back to its glorious role of past. In any academic year, a minimum of 20 days is usually lost due to student political unrest. If the political parties stop patronizing students, they will be free from pressure on the authorities and authorities will able to take the decisions impartially. Leaders have to be stricter about their right and they should apply their power in accordance with law. The idea seemed to be to use them as muscle power to suppress peoples demands, to facilitate illegitimate and corrupt practices of party people. Of the remainder. Limitation of the study Despite of our effort to the highest level, we had some limitation in our study of the report.

But these should not be related to political agendas which only benefit political leaders. But with the transition of clip.

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To know About the negative side of student politics 4. This would supplement strength to party structure. Frequency 1 1 family influence by force 3 institutional environment others 10 In this figure we see that 10 out of 15 involved in politics because of institutional environment and 3 by force.

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