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In British India, the Civil Service was the product of an evolutionary process. Commuters suffered a lot as the intersection remained closed to traffic. Within the civil service itself there is a growing feeling that merit should be given more importance and it could lead to well trained and capable civil service with capacity to meet the challenges of 21st century.

Present quota system in bangladesh

But there is no scope for second thought other than restructuring quota reservation. These are: 1. Thanks to all. But, after a period of time, this situation can become uncontrolled and our desired civil service may become inefficient. On the other part, quota would recruit under-qualified personnel in public administration. The movement lost momentum following the arrests and attacks on demonstrators. According to a British writer, in ninety nine cases out of one hundred, the ministers simply accept the views of civil servants, and sign their names on dotted line. It would also grow into a huge barrier of ensuring meritocracy in the public Sector in Bangladesh. By noon on April 10, the protests spread across the country, with students in the major cities, including Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal, Rangpur, Sylhet and Savar boycotting classes in solidarity with the protesters.

People who oppose quota system state that they believe in merit and reservation is killing merit and true deserving candidates. They will take BCS exams and get jobs on their merit".

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Some people are in favor of it. Rashed Khan, one of the leaders of the protests, says they will resume if the government does not call off the prosecution of several of the students involved for vandalism. Following factors could be considered in this regard: i. But advertisement for recruitment of so many candidates at a time is not generally made or possible. With a view to ensure equal representation of districts, war affected women; freedom fighters and tribal people quota reservation were made for various services and positions in public sector including defense service. A quota system may be explained here as a way, whereby some eligible female candidates are getting an added opportunity to enter into the civil service. When the demonstrators tried to assemble, Azimul Haque, additional deputy commissioner of police Ramna Division , commanded his men to arrest whoever tries to take position there. Mustafa Chowdhury, Understanding Public Administration, 1st ed. This law has upheld by the Supreme Court of India in an interim order on March 25, , however it constituted a Constitution bench to look in the issue.

Of the 56 percent, 30 percent are for freedom fighters' children and grandchildren, 10 percent for women, 10 percent for people of underdeveloped districts, five percent for members of indigenous communities and one percent for physically challenged people.

When the demonstrators tried to assemble, Azimul Haque, additional deputy commissioner of police Ramna Divisioncommanded his men to arrest whoever tries to take position there.

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When Bangladesh came into being after a bloody war, for filling in the void created due to leaving the civil servants of West Pakistan origin, a sizable number of recruitments were made without framing new recruitment rules which were ad hoc, unsystematic, irregular and chaotic.

No trains have left the port city for the campus since morning.

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Quota system in Bangladesh: 1st, 2nd class may abolish in govt jobs