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You can make an inexpensive one from cork, corrugated cardboard, polystyrene or you can purchase one. Play around with different placements and pressure to create lots of marquis versions. These little paper forms can then be used to decorate greeting cards, pictures, gift bags and boxes, or glued together to make mosaics, sculptures and other works of art. Add some delicate wire stems and voila! Do the same to the other end but in the opposite direction. Then these absolutely stunning, tightly quilled little paper buds are exactly what you need to make! Try making them earrings, key chains, or fridge magnets. What is Husking? Square Variations By playing around with how much of each corner you choose to pinch when creating your square, you can get very different results.

If you want to continue on to making a square, gently open up the shape between your fingers. Glue It For a closed coil: When you're almost done coiling, place a dab of glue near the end of the strip and roll to complete. By slightly curving the teardrop around your thumb as you shape it, you can create a subtle shift in form without compromising the center coils.

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For a more obvious curved shape throughout, press the shape around your quilling tool. Try making this adorable rainbow vase instead! And here's why we heart it so much: Quilling is creative, easy, fun, inexpensive and, once you get on a roll haincredibly relaxing.

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They guide you through the process of not just creating petal shapes, but also making ones that are simpler in their individual construction so that you can place them delicately on top of one another to make a truly dimensional design that really almost literally, in fact leaps from the page.

Teardrop Variations Basic shapes can be manipulated to create even more shapes.

Quilling projects

Their tutorial walks you through the process of making lots of smaller circling shapes within each petal rather than just one spiraling out from the centre. You can curl the shape from the point to the base by rolling it between your fingers. We adore these dual tone combinations from Little Circles! Start Rollin' Roll the tool with your dominant hand either towards your body or away from it whichever feels most comfortable , while holding the strip taut with your other hand. The final shape will be determined by how much you pinch or press the the coil together and where you place its center. It's a paper craft that involves rolling narrow strips of paper into unique 3D shapes. Glue It For a closed coil: When you're almost done coiling, place a dab of glue near the end of the strip and roll to complete. The colourful flowers will brighten up their February day.

This can help you curl curl paper strips into the desired coils and shapes that you are going to use further on in patterns. You don't want it to expand after you remove it from the tool.

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Springy petals with a cross cut centre VIEW IN GALLERY Has your primary interest in paper quilled flowers and perhaps even other paper quilling projects always laid in the endless possibilities that layering gives you rather than just in the way the paper can be spiralled? All the tools listed above are included in such kits and additional molds used to create 3D paper domes and some handy foam shaping board can be found in the kits as well. Check it out in more detail on Little Circles. Check the whole piece out in more detail on Quilling Ideas. Try creating something with a few colours and twisting directions instead! The final effect is stunning, especially if you use many different colours. These quilled paper flowers by Life Chilli are breathtakingly pretty and genuinely look like the real thing! Paint shaded maple leaves When we first started learning how to paper quill, one of the first things we became obsessed with making was leaves. Open and Closed Coils Simple circles are the basis for most other shapes you'll create. Try making this adorable rainbow vase instead! We love the way they created three beautiful cone-like shapes in the centre of the flower the way a daffodil might have. In that case, you might be ready to try your hand at these pointed petals instead! For an open coil: Finish the coil, then remove it from the tool and allow it to expand.
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Trendy and Brilliant: 15 Floral Paper Quilling Projects