Proletarian themes in modernist literature

Proletarian themes in modernist literature

The very fact of the Russian Revolution galvanized working people and intellectuals around the world, even as their governments did their military best to topple the fledgling state. Admission: 30 sen.

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Literature probes into that mystery. There is a particularity about this world, which is not the effect of even a well-documented history.

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If a society is demoralized, the reasons for that condition go much deeper than the circulation of a few books. A pacifist is obviously skeptical of war.

Should he take a political stand on issues? George Lukacs, the most eminent Hungarian Marxist critic and literary theorist in his most remarkable work "Studies in European Realism" has remarked that, "The great English novelists of the eighteenth century lived in a post- revolutionary period and this gives their works an atmosphere of stability and security and also a certain complacent short- sightedness Lukacs, G.

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Proletarian literature