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GroundUp has a copy of both forms.

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PAT has always been very thorough in their approach and I have no hesitation in recommending Patrick and his team to any potential client. We have always been very satisfied with their customer service and overall technical support.

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Continue to follow the path in front of the building as it weaves around the pillars. Cross Perimeter Road. He was told to collect his folder at reception.

I have no hesitation in recommending PAT for your next project. Chawasema is currently living on hand outs from his friends and is devastated because he is no longer able to support his seven year old son, pay rent, or buy food. It is imperative that we have the support, expertise and know-how of broadcast IP specialists! However, before getting to these steps there is a right turning with an easy slope which also leads you round to the road and bypasses the steps. They have been invaluable in supporting our Lawo and VSM studio installations, and I have always found them to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable about their products, and eager to help us. Pieterse sent me an email with a thinly veiled legal threat and has refused to respond to questions. My suspicions were confirmed when I went to the labour department and was informed that they do not have a claim number for me. It is recommended that the pelican crossing is used to cross this road, as it can get busy. He claims the company is not registered and trades instead as LCD Steelwork. Meredith in the PAT office was a pleasure to deal with.

This path has a tarmac surface, uneven in places, with a molderate to steep gradient. He says he discovered this when he went for a check up.

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