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T he problems which are connected with the leader were the main plan in "Sab'ai Sayyor" and "Saddi Iskandariy" which are the parts of "Hamsa". During Alisher Navoi created 4 devons collection called "Hazoinu-l-maoniy".

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He also greatly reduced tensions with British India, signing a treaty of friendship in and paying an official state visit in Previously he served as governor of Jizzakh Province from to Septemberthen as governor of Samarqand Province from September until his appointment as Prime Minister in Natasha Alam Natasha Alam is a Uzbekistani actress and model.

Both in the afternoon and at night they searched for tomb of Al Bukhari, yet having found out near Samarkand, near not perceptible village.

He also won gold medals at the World Weightlifting Championships in and Abu al-Khayr - First leader of the Uzbeks to lead them southward.

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He was the son of Ismoil-Shayh, who was one of the representatives of tarikat Ahmad Yassavi. Due to political events in Khoresm Beruniy left the native land and approximately in between lived in Gurgan, at southeast coast of Caspian Sea. Last years of his life he spent in Egypt. Beginning of Husaini was Padishah of Horosan the capital of Herat. She had greater success indoors, where she won the gold medal on three occasions as well as finishing as runner-up in and He has created enormous empire from Indus and Ganges up to Syr-Darya and Zarafshan, from Tien-Shan up to Bosporus, he had lead the most part of his life in campaigns. Lola Astanova Classical Artist Lola Astanova is a Russian-American pianist, noted for her interpretations of compositions by Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff, as well as piano transcriptions. Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur 9 Abu-Rayhon Beruniy Abu-Rayhon Beruniy Abu-Rayhon Beruniy— a remarkable scientist, amazing with variety of his scientific interests, boldness of idea, the author of more than works devoted to actual issues of natural sciences, philosophy, history, philology, great encyclopedic thinker, the humanist of the Middle Ages epoch. Temur had two sons — Djahangri and Omar Shajh. His mother was a Persian woman from Samarkand and his father was a merchant, originally from Azerbaijan. He has constructed a lot of educational institutions, hospitals, a caravan— sheds, channels, bridges and roads.

The collection of his poems in the Persian language is called "Devonu Foni". Famous people of Uzbekistan. Her personal best was a jump of 7.

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Under his reign, Buddhism spread from India along the trade routes to China.

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Mirzo Ulugbek, Outstanding people of the Middle Asia