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Each group can share many of the same social norms; and, the group may have a few special norms.

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Social Norms in The Workplace In the professional world, there are social norms to follow to make the workplace function smoothly. Do not act obnoxiously on the elevator. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — Social norms , or mores , are the unwritten rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society. These include the following: Dress neatly and appropriately for the job. Revista Espanola de Economia — Do not curse in polite conversation and always avoid racist or discriminatory comments. Thompson, eds. Social Norms Regarding Public Behavior To make a good impression on other members of your community there are social norms that are commonly accepted, such as: Shake hands when you meet someone. Armony, R. Google Scholar Nowak, M. Google Scholar Hauser, M. If you hit or bump into someone by accident, say "I'm sorry. References cited Alexander, R. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Google Scholar Ellickson, R. They can range from ones expected while in public to ones that are in regards to dining or being on a phone.

Norm break

He has published in psychology, anthropology, and philosophy journals in addition to his mainstream biological research. Some examples of gender-specific norms include the following: Girls wear pink; boys wear blue. Men should be strong and not show emotion. Zygon — Biology and Philosophy — Brain — I picked what I consider to be a most modern American societal norm. While some people seek to be different, most just want to be part of the group. Don't text while on a date or engaged in a conversation with another person. When you think of a norm, you are probably thinking about being normal. Google Scholar Cialdini, R.

Google Scholar Wilson, D. Brain — Miller, L.

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Gintis Homo reciprocans. Do not eat off another person's plate without asking. These norms are expected and mostly common sense.

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You do not want to make anyone feel as if you are invading their space. If you need to leave early, notify your boss and make proper arrangements.

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