Moving into a new house

Together with the emotional stress of saying goodbye to the family home, this heightened safety concern alone is enough to warrant a plan for your children on moving day.

Sequester Your Pets Moving can be a terrifying experience for pets, and even if they're not frightened, you don't want them underfoot. You must know which fuse controls which part of your new house if the fuses are not labeled at all or if the guy before you got it all wrong.

moving into a new house checklist pdf

Step by step, the unpacking process will stretch out and reach the living room, spare guest room, garage, basement, attic and any other storage areas of your home. One whole dollar and 15 minutes of your time is all you need to get your mail at your new home.

Pack a first night box Just as important as the un-packing box, the first night box is essential to a successful move. The reason? Some companies install systems that let you set the security alarm when you're inside the home at night, which is extra comfort for single homeowners.

Either way, use your digital camera and photograph any problematic areas that you think may become an issue when the time comes for you to move out. How to pack an Open-First box when moving 5. You may need to set up water, natural gas, electricity, internet, satellite or cable television, trash services and security services like home alarms.

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Make Sure You Have Cash on You Sure, you're going to swipe your debit or credit card to pay the moving company and for various other expenses, but cash is king in some circumstances.

Start from the rooms that are the toughest ones to sort out and pack — the storage areas such as your garage, basement, attic, and walk-in closet.

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20 Tips for Moving into a New House: Moving Checklist