Literature review on teenage pregnancy in zimbabwe

Forest plots were used to show the magnitude of adolescent pregnancy in Africa. Additionally, the available studies which assessed the factors associated with adolescent pregnancy in Africa showed inconsistent findings [ 1213141516171819202122232425 ].

Consequently, the region is known for the high rate of maternal and child morbidity and mortality. The Joanna Briggs Institute JBI critical appraisal checklist [ 60 ] was used to assess the quality of included studies.

Adolescent pregnancy is a major public health problem, particularly in Africa [ 6 ]. However, these studies present inconsistent and inconclusive findings and little is known about the overall epidemiology of adolescent pregnancy in the continent.

This study included a total of 52 studies from 24 African countries. Result This review included 52 studies,study participants. Literature review on teenage pregnancy in zimbabwe Texas Newfoundland. Pregnancy among adolescent women has implications on the educational opportunity, population growth and ill-health of women.

teenage pregnancy statistics 2018

Therefore, this review included all studies which used either of the above- definitions. Quality assessment and data extraction Articles were screened using their titles, abstracts, and full paper reviews prior to including in the meta-analysis.

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Literature review on teenage pregnancy in zimbabwe by stephaniealebd