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Three of them, regardless of their poor or medium academic status, have adopted some strategies in order to improve their performance.

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This study was carried out by survey research method. British Journal of Educational Technology. The effects of motivation, preferred learning styles, and perceptions of classroom climate on achievement in ninth and tenth grade Math students.

Philippine Journal of Psychology.

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October, The effects of age and motivation factors on second language acquisition. Integrative versus instrumental orientation among online language learners. More specifically, female students are more internally motivated. It is very somehow effective for him because he had discovered that since high school by always recording his lessons and listening as for the revision. Learning 2 Page styles are categorized into Cognitive analytic and global, field-independent and field-dependent, and reflective and impulsive , Sensory visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic , and Personality extroverted and introverted, intuitive-random and sensing-sequential, closure-oriented and perceiving, and thinking and feeling as cited in Reid, Studies in Literature and Language.

Education Journal, 3 6pp To those who were in year three and four, incomprehensible inputs are their barriers. The third-year and fourth-year college students defined their academic status as in the medium level — the stage where they get medium score around and were able to 6 Page communicate with foreigners.

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Year two and three students had adopted auditory style. For the junior, he believes that IFL is admiringly well-known for its reputation, so studying there will help him build network and get highly-paid jobs. Instead of seeking for mental encouragement, year four student prefers the help from study material such as dictionary, tape and radio.

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Self-determination and goal-orientation are their driven forces, and the senior respondent added one more point, that is, supporting from his teachers and family.

Those are only two examples of how technologies can help teachers or instructors motivate learners.

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Relationships among student attitudes, motivation, learning styles, learning strategies, patterns of learning and achievement: A formative evaluation of distance education via Web-based courses. Firat University Journal of Social Science, 11 2 , A specific technology cannot be a motivator by itself even if the perception of the usage of that specific device, such as a smartphone, is that its fun or enjoyable to use in and of itself. The Inventory of Learning instrument was used, which postulated four learning styles and three types of intrinsic motivations which are practised by the students in learning mathematics. Therefore, we decided to narrow the scope down to only motivation and its effects on learning styles of English language learners at Institute of Foreign Language IFL. This is one of the reasons behind the success of the elearning methodology especially amongst adult learners who are more autonomous and independent by nature. Does it mean that motivation also determine learning styles? Washington, D. Education Journal, 3 6 , pp Because of the disparity between urban and rural areas, he found it overwhelming and unlikely to catch up with the lesson when he just entered the institute. This type of interview was administered by a series of questions that controlled the focuses and provided diversity of information by not framing answers as questionnaires did. The sophomore revealed that financial issue and discrimination were his hurdles.
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