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Iago's capacity for cruelty seems limitless, and no motivation he gives for his actions seems enough to explain the incredible destruction he wreaks on the lives of the people he knows best.

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And for what? Once Othello flies into a jealous rage, Iago tells him to hide and look on while he Iago talks to Cassio. Unlike Othello, Iago does not have the free will to refrain from wickedness.

Critical interpretations of Iago Iago is misogynistic. He thought that he had foreseen everything, but it never occurred to him that his wife might betray him.

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He is simply over the top. No one really know Shakespeare real birthday. Don't act the villain, don't look it, or speak it, by scowling and growling, I meanbut think it all the time. Is Iago in Lust with Othello? Perhaps having guessed that he may be double-crossed, he writes letters which he keeps on his person that eventually discredit Iago and his motives completely.

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Understanding Iago From "Othello"