How to write a article review report example

Organize the Article We suggest setting up your article review even before you start reading a source article.

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What will you tell about the author and the main points? Article reviews are a common practice in many subjects and are an important part of larger research papers.

What issues do you need to address in your text? Basically, you just put the information you have just read in your own words.

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Present the overall assessment of the article. The three articles discussed here offer three distinct dimensions on the subject.

What previous knowledge does the author refer to? Also, indicate strengths and weaknesses. Bicameralism means it takes two legislative houses instead of one to approve any legislation.

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You need to know the setup of your article review to understand how to read the article. Usually, article reviews have a logical structure that looks as follows: A summary that highlights the most important points and information. Step 3. Usually, you will be required to talk about each of the article's main points separately and describe how well the given evidence supports them. These cases can be considered in the context of previous Supreme Court cases and the content of the Constitution itself. You need to focus on the most important points only. Reading an article is not enough to create a good review.

Paul Theroux supplies readers with enriching encounters of visiting places with complex political histories and with deep and current discords. What is the place of the article in its field of knowledge?

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Use the ideas the author has presented in the text and check the reference list for more information. The rest of the review must follow this citation. This text is only for your use, so it does not need any editing or proofreading, but it needs to be clear so that you could return to it at any time and not spend time remembering what exactly you meant by this or that. Congress is the legislative branch of the government which means that they are responsible for making laws for the country. Article reviews are not just about your opinion. When you are reading a research article review example, your principal goal will be gathering information in order to have a clear understanding of how a finished paper should look. Does the author convey his or her thoughts clearly? Supplement what you read with what you already know about the subject-matter. There is no looking out for your fellow player, it is a case of that you should only ever look out for number one. It is possible that their research tried to address to many aspects at the same time causing the quality of the study to suffer.

Be as laconic as you can and include as much information as possible. Read the article entirely.

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How to Write an Article Review (with Sample Reviews)