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Every day. Fraud Trial and Accounting Scandal — In , Tesco was charged with fines due to the false accounting declaration and misrepresentation of profits. Its revenue is increasing every year because of the addition of new stores in its operational chain. Besides, to increase marketi Lastly, we conclude our analysis with some recommendations that we suggest Giant should focus on to better improve their supermarkets. WO strategies aim at improving internal weaknesses by taking advantage of external opportunities. Low-cost strategy — Although Tesco is the price leader in the UK market, its low-cost strategy can lead to reduced profit margins. Some of the Advertising and promotion might not be necessary and unrelated to some area. For Giant, they would normally tag the prices of the product on the shelves which are near to the product itself.

This is to ensure the company ability to sustain its success in the competing market. Demand is an important tool in the market. Explore more about the company in this article and learn facts and figures through its SWOT analysis.

Giant food swot

The free products are in turn promoted for only RM0. They also exert pressure on manufacturers and retailers to give more relevant product information Conclusion: The bargaining power of buyers is moderate to high as the consumers have more choices of retail supermarkets. Related Interests. It has introduced a new RFID-enabled barcode system to count the products automatically. Besides that, they can try to increase the variety of their house brand, as well as introducing other products for their house brand to compete with their competitors. Giant can hire the services of Secure Infosys which will keep the company protected from the latest security threats and assist in achieving the highest security levels. They need to continuously come up with new marketing strategy and actively promote their Brand in order to overcome its competitor. Also, survey done by Giant shows that initially Sabahan cannot accept Giant due to numerous reasons, this can be scary for them because if their customers still cannot accept them for a long-tem period, thus less people will shop in their store and sales will decreases.

The law of demand states that, as the price of a product increases, demand for that particular product will decrease.

Here, we are going to analyze the strength-weaknesses-opportunities-threats of Giant one by one in order to fully understand the challenges Giant face. We are now in the IT era, people are becoming used of using pcs to do their daily task, for instance to pay bills, transfer money, as well as to buy stuffs.

Giant Malaysia has a lot of suppliers to choose from and the suppliers compete for better prices to offer Giant. Picture 1Picture 2 2. Besides, to increase marketi Brand from Carrefour, Tesco and Jusco are well received by the people of Malaysia.

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Perform in-depth market research and market analysis before entering a new market to avoid failure and losses. Online presence: Online order facility and high number of followers on facebook and twitter 5.

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Giant Food Stores SWOT Analysis