Fight with my friend

Argue now, to prevent an unneeded argument later. When emotions are running high, it can be hard to anticipate the consequences of a friendship breakup.

what to say to a friend after a fight

You'll know that you and your BFF are the real deal if you can hash out a huge argument, but still end up holding hands. Do stay calm. You may take a breather to calm down, but you never leave each other angry. If not, going through and rehashing the situation might be necessary.

Celebrate You guys have made up — yay! Focus on hearing everything that your friend is saying, both verbally and non-verbally. Once you cool off and remember how much you actually love your friend, figure out what you're going to need to be able to get over what happened and get your friendship back to a good place.

Remember, you made this choice for you. I don't mean "you wore my shirt and spilled red wine on it" or "you ate the leftovers I was looking forward to all day" fights.

Here are seven reasons why you fight with your bestie more than anyone else. If they still want to talk a lot, answer every other time.

Reasons why best friends fight

They will ruin your relationship and will really make you start to resent the person who is making you feel that way. For example, try saying something like, "I felt as if you didn't care about me when you couldn't attend my party" rather than, "Why didn't you come to my party? But in the end, you always end up finding a compromise. Do prepare yourself. Figure out what you want to achieve from the conversation, schedule a time on neutral turf, and go talk to your friend. A friendship is a type of relationship, and it's a little investment of your emotions that is going to be expressed in more ways than one. As difficult and painful as realizing a friendship may have run its course can be, it's a completely natural part of life. Images: Pexels 4 ; Giphy ; Pixabay 1. In trying to fix things between us before I was ready, I ended up making things worse. They're perfect for you to let out all of your tension from a hard work day or frustrating rush hour traffic. You can't let an argument go unresolved, or it will ruin your entire day.

However, if your blowout was filled with anger, you'll likely need to take some time to get a new perspective so you can talk about things calmly and with the right frame of mind. Here's how to start moving on.

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Why Do You Fight With Your Best Friend The Most?