Facts of animal abuse in circus

The United Kingdom has banned the use of "wild" animals in circuses, but allows "domesticated" animals to be used. While they are chained, they are beaten and shocked with electric prods.

how many circus animals are abused

Educate yourself. And use your pocketbook to advocate for alternatives such as animatronics in films and animal-free circuses. It also implies a craziness, like one might associate with a horse that gallops at full speed while patiently letting an acrobat do somersaults on its back.

Circuses and Animal Rights The animal rights position is that animals have a right to be free of human use and exploitation.

Circus facts

Other circus animals who have died in an untimely manner include horses and lions. In the wild, elephants live in large, sociable herds and walk up to 25 miles every day. Public records show that many circuses have used TB-positive elephants in public performances. But circus animals are more than just caricatures. In the wild these elephants would have a natural territory covering up to 2, square miles. Some animal welfare advocates would say that eating meat is morally acceptable as long as the animals were raised and slaughtered "humanely. The evidence of abuse can be seen in incidents where circus animals went on rampages after years of abuse, attacked the public, and tried to injure themselves to escape a life of misery. In the wild elephants will walk up to forty miles per day. Start the Countdown Circus animals probably work a lot harder than many of your favorite human performers. Department of Agriculture in the Animal Welfare Act because of horrific transportation trailers with splintering wood and sharp metal pieces jutting out near the animals. Write letters When animal circuses do come to town, write letters to newspaper editors and to the sponsors telling them circuses don't need to feature wild animals to be entertaining.

While no U. Many would support a ban on "wild" or "exotic" animals in circuses.

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Animal rights is not about bigger cages or more humane training methods; it's about not using or exploiting animals for food, clothingor entertainment.

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Ten Fast Facts about Animals in the Circus