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Habitat Though they all live in Africa, each species of zebra has its own home area.

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Zebra foals are born brown and white instead of black and white. This research may be used in the future to possibly bring back a once extinct variation of zebra through selective breeding.

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He will stand his ground while the rest of the family runs away in zigzag fashion. The Quagga is currently extinct.

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The plains zebra is the most common type of zebra. Zebra foals can walk just 20 minutes after birth and can run after an hour! However, zebras have black skin under their white coats!

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Predators to zebras are lions , cheetahs , hyenas and leopards. There are several possible functions of the stripes. Family groups known as harems sometimes get together to form loosely associated herds, according to the San Diego Zoo. Zebras are 4. They are part of the horse family Zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing. The Native American culture refers to the zebra as a symbol of balance and sureness of path. Habitat and Distribution Most zebra species live in arid and semi-arid plains and savannas of Africa : Plains and Grevy's zebras have different regions but overlap during migrations. Click here for more animal facts Zebras are herbivores. Like Grevy's zebras, some plains zebras have a white belly. Mountain zebras are from 3. The most prominent feature of zebras is the bold patterns on their coats. He will stand his ground while the rest of the family runs away in zigzag fashion.

Like horses, zebras sleep standing up, and usually only when in the safety of a group. The males of a herd will mate with all the mature females in it.

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Their pattern seems to confuse flies and other insects. Their habitat can be found all over the southern and eastern parts of Africa. In addition, the stripes may work as a natural sunscreen. You can only tell the differences if you really know how to read between the lines…or stripes in this case! Sleeping Zebras Did you know that zebras sleep standing up? Plains zebras are 3. However, running away is the usual tactic, sometimes accompanied by a defensive kick. When zebras stand together, it is harder for predators to determine how many zebras are in the group.
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