Essays on waterpollution

Point sources includes pipelines, ditches, sewers, etc from industries, sewage treatment plants, landfills, hazardous waste sites, leakage from oil storage tanks which discharges wastes directly into the water bodies. Farmers ought to be warned not to wash the compartments of the synthetics into water bodies.

Water pollution can be defined in many ways.

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Apparently, pollutant entering the stream is carried downstream before they are carefully mixed during the movement. Every year massive piles of litter and solid waste are accumulated at the banks of the rivers and lakes during various festivals and celebrations. The economics definition of pollution denotes pollutions as loss of environ quality. It also gives birth to various fatal diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, worm and mosquito borne diseases etc. It was once popularly believed that the oceans were far too big to pollute. This leads to the deficiency of nutrients in the soil as nutrients from other sources are not able to penetrate in the soil due to the presence of this contaminated water. Water pollution is done by the people of all over the world because of increasing demands and competitions of luxuries life. Anybody of water that is contaminated with pollutants, is called Water Pollution. It could be majorly categorized as Direct and Indirect Sources. Major river systems of the India such as Ganga, Brahmaputra, Indus, peninsular, and west coast river systems have been affected to a great extent. Lead was once commonly used in gasoline petrol , though its use is now restricted in some countries. Sources of water pollution are classified into two categories based on the origin.

The more developments there are to lessen water pollution, the more secure the water bodies will be. Natural occurring substances like Arsenic or Fluoride gets mixed with the groundwater making it toxic.

If we want the earth to become a better place then we need to take certain stringent steps to fight water pollution as provided below: Save Water — It is the first and foremost step to control water pollution as the more fresh water is saved the less it gets prone to pollution.

Another way to measure water quality involves examining the fish, insects, and other invertebrates that the water will support. It's not a pretty shoreline hundreds of miles from our homes or a wilderness landscape that we see only on TV. The environment provides us with the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and a shelter to protect ourselves.

Plants and animals require water that is moderately pure, and they cannot survive if their water is loaded with toxic chemicals or harmful microorganisms.

Essays on waterpollution

Uncontrolled discharge of wastes and improper sanitation also contribute to water pollution. As human beings are in the core of this issue hence it is only the human race that could find a solution to this problem. Older cities have ageing infrastructures that may include sewage collection systems valves, pumps, pipes that are leaky and can lead to overflow of sanitary sewers. For example, when a tanker accident occurs, the oil slick is concentrated around the tanker itself and, in the right ocean conditions, the pollution disperses the further away from the tanker you go. Having these chemicals in the water not only affects the human bodies but it also affects the environment. In other words, the quantity of pollutants in relation to the size of the body of water. It maintains the ecological balance in the biosphere. Water pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds. In the whole of India, most of the water sources are polluted, about 80 percent of the total water surface. Water pollution causes many problems with the living plants and animals in the water. Due to less rainfall places like Marathwada region in Maharashtra face severe drought conditions. Water Pollution Essay: Causes and Effects of Water Pollution words Introduction Water Pollution refers to the contamination of natural water resources by harmful and toxic compounds, primarily due to various human activities. The unique characteristic of water is water molecule is the only substance in this Earth that exist in all three physical states of matter which are solid, liquid and gas.

All human beings need water to survive. Eventually, they seep into rivers and other watercourses.

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