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Journal of Peace Research. Acknowledging the interconnection between the environment and security provides insights into how the societal tensions over natural resources that can lead to conflicts can be reduced, how civilians could be better protected during conflicts, and how peace can be built and sustained in their wake.

For example, climate change can be viewed a threat to environmental security see the article climate security for more nuance to the discussion. A conflict before the International Court of Justice between Chile and Peru about maritime borders and their associated fisheries [3] is a case study for environmental security.

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This can lead to food shortages which will then cause political debate, ethnic tension, and civil unrest. A UN peacekeeper in northern Mali.

Jahresgutachten Environmental security Ehrlich, P. The Millennium Project assessed definitions of environmental security and created a synthesis definition: Environmental security is environmental viability for life support, with three sub-elements: preventing or repairing military damage to the environment, preventing or responding to environmentally caused conflicts, and protecting the environment due to its inherent moral value.

Human security requires environmental security Joint statement on the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, November 6 Today, our group of concerned civil society organisations, which includes academics, experts and scientists, are calling for the international community to enhance the protection of people and ecosystems by taking meaningful steps towards addressing the environment throughout the cycle of conflicts.

The second notable development which brings the emergence of concept of environmental security was number of scholars started to criticize the traditional notion of security and mainstream security debates in their work from s by emphasizing its inability to handle environmental problems at national and international security level.

Since then there has been a firmly-established field of research on environmental conflicts and environmental security, which deals with and investigates the significance of environmental change and environmental degradation from different angles.

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Environmental scarcity means, in this respect, disturbance or interference, which arises as a result of overuse, overexploitation or pollution of a renewable resource by people. Sources and further information: Baechler, G. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, pp. Wallensteen, P. Westing, A. In this respect, the concept of environmental degradation—environmental change caused by human activity with negative results for society—is critical. Within international development, projects may aim to improve aspects of environmental security such as food security or water security , but also connected aspects such as energy security , that are now recognised as Sustainable Development Goals at UN level. Homer-Dixon, T.

The primary victims of environmental degradation are often from among impoverished and marginalised communities with limited ability to defend themselves from exploitation and abuse, or seek protection or accountability from the law.

Within international development, projects may aim to improve aspects of environmental security such as food security or water securitybut also connected aspects such as energy securitythat are now recognised as Sustainable Development Goals at UN level.

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Among other things, it was suggested in this respect that this type of conflict would primarily occur in the countries of the global south as well as in societies undergoing transformation, as these countries only have limited capacities for solving problems. Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. Progress towards environmental security However, while the outlook in many regions continues to be bleak, we recognise the increasing attention being paid to the environment in international security debates, in humanitarian response and in policy-making. It considers the abilities of individuals, communities or nations to cope with environmental risks , changes or conflicts, or limited natural resources. History[ edit ] The Copenhagen School defines the referent object of environmental security as the environment, or some strategic part of it. Pacyna, The Global Environment. Arnett ed.
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