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We are opening the property next year. Because when it is my name, as I love my name, I will work to protect it. He is a visionary. In Kandy, we will have two more. We merely use railway systems that had been used decades ago. Yes, if there is an excellent leader. This was possible because I was in the private sector. Regardless of what is being said, it was not governments that built the country, it was the business sector that developed the country. I purchased Hilltop Hotel in Kandy from Aitken Spence and will re-launch it as a room four-star-hotel with a new look next year. If you fail, learn from it.

We are also introducing Earl's Red, our chain of business hotels; one hotel is already opened on Baseline Road in Dematagoda. This trend must stop.

He is a trendsetter, not a follower. At the time it was typical to build near the beach or in Colombo.

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This is a problem, which needs to be addressed. However, I do not merely pay them and sit back and watch; I join the process. Tamarind and chilli processing, operating a bakery, you name it, I have been involved in various sectors.

Thus, for my businesses, I suggested that we use my own name.

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