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What do you think about what Downs and Wardel stated in this article? How have you become the readers and writer you are today? The authors make the move to validate Writing about Writing as a way to call attention to the disciplinary legitimacy of the field. Perhaps further research in this area would be beneficial, particularly to Downs and Wardle, since their axiology consists entirely of awareness. But what are we arguing about, and what are we arguing for? Awareness that influences personal practice and benefit in writing becomes the central goal—the axiology—of the course. The Writing about Writing reader consists of a variety of rich and influential texts important to emerging and experienced writers, which discuss—in addition to rhetorical situations and writing processes— literacy, writing research, discourse communities, writing authority, and so on. The book addresses several questions geared towards helping the student understand multiple components of writing: Why study writing?

They take issue with Downs and Wardle's "dismissal of the importance of teaching situated procedural knowledge", [8] most notably the rhetorical situation. Research assignments are heavily geared toward primary research, inviting students to generate knowledge rather than ape it. In an article titled "Seeing is Believing: Writing Studies with 'Basic Writing' Students," Charlton reports that some see value in teaching first-year composition from a cultural studies approach because not only does this allow for composition instructors to teach what they love, but the types of reading promote critical thinking and analysis—two goals many first-year composition courses have.

This pedagogy explicitly recognizes the impossibility of teaching a universal academic discourse and rejects that as a goal for first-year composition.

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After all, it tends to be helpful to have teaching and learning resources that closely match pedagogical strategies. What do you think about what Downs and Wardel stated in this article? And I wonder how differently our students might understand writing if they had similar opportunities.

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Writing about Writing: A College Reader by Elizabeth Wardle