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By There is a reason of why actually the night market is regarded or considered as a shopping paradise by most of the Malaysians. Some of them remain to get some last minute selling done. Despite the fact that goods were selling at an affordable pricehousewives were bargaining at the top of their voices for a more reasonable price.

It seems like the whole community is there.

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Motorcycles and bicycles going in and out. Without doubt, I love my owncountry, Malaysia. Most of the locals and foreigners agree that night market is a wonderful feature in Malaysia because people from all walks of life could be seen there. The first point of the cause of the suicide is the problem in the individual life. The people walked in an endless stream. The customers also haggle with the vendors to buy the goods with the best deal. Last Friday,as usual, me and my family pay a visit to the night market that near to our house. More and more goods laden vans arrive to begin a brisk day of business. It seems like the whole community is there. More cars and vans are arriving. A baby's crying rose the noise level in the mobbed night market.

Besidesmusic blared from radios and hifi sets. Pasir Pelangi, the royal village, is located within Johor Bahru. Top Web Sites 1.

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Large rainbow-coloured parasols are used to shade the people from rain and shine. Just two stalls away, the loud music of cd vendors comes along cheering up the situation. All of them add up to a marvellous view under the bright moonlight.

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