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In such a society there is broad harmony for a child between the three aspects of language as communication. Finally, Ngugi concludes that writing in African languages is a necessary step toward cultural identity and liberation from centuries of European exploitation.

Decolonising the mind as a post colonial text

Publishers of literary texts in African languages outside of South Africa are few and far between. Thus a specific culture is not transmitted through language in its universality but in its particularity as the language of a specific community with a specific history. The negro is naturally inferior to the whites He published Barrel of a Pen: Resistance to oppression in Neo-Colonial Kenya, a collection of essays about Kenya's hostile political atmosphere, in Why not use African literary theory to unlock the aesthetics of African literature? I also belonged, as we all did in those days, to a wider extended family and to the community as a whole. He or she could tell a story told by someone else and make it more alive and dramatic. Pro-people and revolutionary literature could not contribute to decolonization if written in a formerly colonial language the people could not understand.

It is about compassion, generosity, and gratitude against the gendered forces and consequences of greed, jealousy, and competitiveness. This resulted in the disassociation of the sensibility of that child from his natural and social environment, what we might call colonial alienation.

decolonizing the mind as a postcolonial text

Our appreciation of the suggestive magical power of language was reinforced by the games we played with words through riddles, proverbs, transpositions of syllables, or through nonsensical but musically arranged words. Written literature and orature are the main means by which a particular language transmits the images of the world contained in the culture it carries.

This essay makes use of several genres of writing—analysis, storytelling, memoir —to provoke not explain meaningful, contextualized engagement with the in- cluded images. Everything is politics.

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Mukoma Wa Ngugi: What Decolonizing the Mind Means Today