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Flow chart of the preparation process is shown in Figure 5. Thesis title should be a concise description of the main focus and contribution of the research.

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Year date. Faculty of Civil Eng. They have used 3 types of indicator dyes which are phenol red, cresol red and bromophenol blue dyes for the progress of three fibre optic pH sensors matching to three different dynamic pH ranges.

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The working principle of an optical pH sensor using indicator entrapped in a hybrid matrix scattering elements is that the only information of interest it needs is the light source intensity that is going into the fibre towards the end of the probe, which came in contact with a solution with different pH level. The followings are examples of writing style according to the name of the author: i Single and multiple authors Example single author : Veres S. Chemical Nomenclature Usage. Automatic Control. Identification of Nonlinear Systems: A Survey. Place page. Example: Hussein S. Masters Project Report By course work A project report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Measured drawing.

White simile 80 gram high quality A4 size papers mm should be used. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 and so on. This arrangement is suitable only for certain applications that sense pH of a solution rather than a solid matter because the pH indicator is located in the middle between two fibres.

Declaration of thesis utm doc

Utusan Malaysia. Electronic format Author Year. Faculty of Electrical Engineering Yellow e. This data is useful to prove the relationship between pH level and absorbance. Title Brochure. The graph illustrates that the changes in the transmission of the sensor with pH are easily detected. The letter should clearly indicate i the reasons for classification ii the duration for classification A typical duration for confidential or restricted classification is three 3 years. Measured drawing. American Psychological Association. Depending on the material, certain wavelengths will be absorbed, and others reflected or transmitted. Adapted from Perry Cavaye and Coote words slide 10 1. The titles should be typed using bold letters and should not be underlined. The presence of the liquid and its concentration are determined by measuring the fractional variation in power at another end of the fibre.
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