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Rome and greece compare and contrast

Art and text in ancient Greek culture. Rome debased its currency to fund the Empire. Thinkers in philosophy, art, literature and theater are still prominent subjects for education today. Of course, the masters of both cultures worked on various mediums beyond these. New York: Penguin. Wine and olive oil were produced for export. The Greek poleis cities had strict rules forbidding the creation of a Greek empire. The art most associated with ancient Greek is mosaic. Wheat, the staple food for early Roman was imported from neighboring nations. The first is an ancient Egyptian statuette named The Offering Bearer which was discovered about in the tomb of Meketre in Thebes and appears to have been made around B. Even today, it takes just under 21 hours to drive from Rome, Italy to Athens, Greece. The forms of governments changed from monarchy to oligarchy and then to democracy. Ewing: University of California Press.

The Romans conquered and ruled all over the Mediterranean. However, Greece was surrounded by mountains and a coastline, while Rome was at the geographic center of the Italian peninsula. Though women could not be citizens, they were allowed to own property but could not sell them.

This allegiance to the Roman empire created a strong basis for the expanding civilization. Even though both Greece and Italy are both southern Mediterranean countries, there is considerable difference between them, which helps explain the cultural differences.

Stoicism represented the world view of the early Roman. What particularly stands out to me is how much these two cultures have in common when it comes to their art and architecture.

Compare and contrast greek and roman government

Of course, the masters of both cultures worked on various mediums beyond these. Social Classes Social classes in early Greek changed over time. In philosophy, early Rome brought about Stoicism. The Renaissance was stimulated by the revival of the classical art forms of ancient Greece and Rome. Rome debased its currency to fund the Empire. While both made considerable strides in politics, literature, art and social organizations, their ways of life and political organizations varied significantly. The Romans statues contained all the flaws of real people. How about inventions or myths? For this reason, it was easier for Italians to unify the lands and people surrounding them than it was for Greece to maintain control of its surrounding areas.

Connection: The Romans built roads that connected their empire to Rome. Grown up sons however could challenges their fathers.

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Differences in language, culture and currency have persisted to modern times.

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Difference Between Romans and Greeks