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Moreover, the number of cities with more than a million had doubled so many times since reaching cities globally. There are many different factors to overcome on why city or country living is better. Other people, who live in countries, argue that there are more advantages of living in villages than in cities.

They are always interesting in other people around them and they are enthusiastic to help others who face to difficult problems.

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However, the city and country lifestyles had it differences too: the schools where different, the sceneries where different, and the dangers where different too Compare and contrast the advantages of city living and country living. Activities are very exciting and thrilling in the country also, consisting of hiking, fishing, horseback riding, four wheeling, plus many more.

Compare and contrast the advantages of city living and country living

Comparing to House of Ulloa, Pedro married Nucha yet throughout the novel he as a husband does not remind himself of the vows, he feels that he is superior, only the woman has to be pure not the man. Moreover, city dwellers are not close and honest because many people in different provinces who come to large city include kinds of people inside it has good person and bad person. Speak to me. Third, people, living in a village are more friendly. The second difference between city dwellers and country dwellers is living standard. Crime and death rates should definitely be on your check list when debating where to live, it is entirely up to an individual and what makes them more comfortable as it is something that needs to be looked at carefully, there are both advantages and disadvantages to both places. The work force in smaller towns may be fueled by local manufacturing plants, nearby corporate headquarters or area colleges and universities. Conclusion Although city dwellers and country dwellers have similar features, they have many differences such as life style, living standard, careers so that all people can differentiate between city and country residents obviously. School systems in the country are a bit different, schools are much smaller and do not offer as many programs limiting your education. The last difference in this text could be the lifestyle. Outline Introduction Thesis Although there are several similarities between city dwellers and country dwellers, there are also some very important differences so that city residents and country residents have differentiation obviously. By having the difference between them, people who have the same standard will be treated differently in subtle ways These fun activities can also be good for your health which is a great benefit too.

City and country living commonly have expenses, though country life has more options to avoid expenses by undertaking tasks yourself. With the fast development of technology, more vehicles are produced as well as more factories are operated in city.

Comparison and contrast between village and city life

These people live in tiny apartments or small houses, separated by only a few feet. Furthermore, they do not have high cultural standard and profound knowledge; they do not fixed time on their work so that they have much free time. This is a disadvantage of living in an urban area in the city where crime is a lot more likely to occur to you or someone you know,this may make it uneasy to be comfortable where you live. Unlike city dwellers, life style of country dwellers is rustic, friendly, and honest. In general, the cities with the lowest real estate prices per square foot were cities that have suffered from poor economic conditions for some time Sauter. Living in the City vs. There are not as many colleges which force the students that do want more options for education to go away for school.
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