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Add, edit, delete and save commands for Guidance office counseling. According to O'Malleyit has been said that change is inevitable at Ohio University including in their systems and even in their schedules.

Delimitations No prototype for electronic signature for the registrar and assigned personnel.

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User Verification. This system will help the guidance office to manage students records and exclusively for the guidance office of Sibugay Technical Institute Inc. It system allows students to view online their schedules. Provides sending of notification in the students email account. The main page contains a brief explanation of the system, 26 Figure 2. Main form of Student Information System 31 Figure 2. Computerization is a control system that can manage these tasks and give accountability to the outputs. Provides accessible information about Students. He developed this system to help those programmers that developing a SIS and to spread his work to all the users who are visiting in his site. This system was conceptualized in view of the difficulty of the GCC in 28 managing and monitoring students academic performance as well as their guidance records.

It integrates a decision support system that automatically interprets psychological exam results based on standard table used by the guidance counselors, and it also provides an interactive virtual interview module to record interview sessions with the students.

Although this kind of system will need a quite amount of time to be finished and implemented, external cooperation is critical for this system. Rommel Roldan.

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Page 2 Introduction Computer has become a way of life in this modern age, it is evident that a majority of the Universities still do not adapt the high-technology. This page is composed of the User Verification form that includes fields for student no, student password, academic calendar, and directory and contacts us.

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Only authorized personnel will be allowed to Create, Update, and Delete students information in the system. It also view list of regular and irregular students per day in pdf form. Students Profiling System is a system that is being developed for managing and keeping demographic information about a particular student. The functions of the system included the following: 2. For him Student Information System can be categorized on how big the systems scope. This project aims to develop an automated system that will help the school to have an easier management on student's record. We are looking forward to develop web-based applicants that will minimize all papers works to keep the file of the students and at the same time the important papers of the school, a system that fully automated, user-friendly, time effective and efficient. Each school has a responsibility to maintain its record. The system he made will help the guidance office in managing students records. These are the following features can be access by the designated officer: Manipulating of students records, attendance and offenses.

To eliminate paper works, retrieve the record easily, create a report. The purpose of this system is to record the students personal information.

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This system is exclusively for students of the FEU. The main form consists of commands for transactions, maintenance, utilities, report, about, edit and manipulation of students records.

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Student's Profiling System