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Raw case materials are those that were initially produced for reasons other than the informing of a case discussion. That is, an algorithm that chooses very informative pairs from a statistical perspective might not be effective if people do not enjoy responding to those kinds of pairs.

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Like the casebook method the case method calls upon students to take on the role of an actual person faced with a difficult problem. First, one could develop algorithms that would choose pairs so as to maximize the amount learned from each respondent. Applied Social Research Methods Series 5.

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Descriptive, narrative cases, parts of which are given successively Up to 5 pages paragraphs per page Designed to be used over the course of two or more class meetings.

There is an immediacy in their use; one can see an article in the press in the evening and be using it in the classroom the next day.

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This study details how an agenda group can control an article on Wikipedia, and influence perception of a topic via various MediaWiki platforms. Are they accessible? This study continually grows in scope primarily because of one component of my methodology; I document and respond directly to each instance of targeting or harassment I have received over four years while I attempt to find recourse for a resolution.

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