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Only about 56 percent of the country's people have safe drinking water and just 24 percent have good sanitation. The nation has also played host to the and Cricket World Cups.

Pakistan is the 24th largest global economic country and GDP places it in rd position. Give us a call for a free accurate quote within 1 hour on Email us Achieve Your Global Potential Get in touch with us now with your requirements and we guarantee we will be in touch within the hour.

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One form of a Muslim marriage involves a nikaha formal legal document signed by the bride and groom in front of several witnesses; this establishes that the couple is legally married. If possible, it is best to answer these questions.

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On the day before the marriage there is a menhdi ceremony, when the bride's hands and feet are painted with henna. Men shake hands with each other. In some tribes there can be neither a cross-cultural marriage nor a dual ethnic one, so therefore the kin groups are and basically remain identical ethnically and culturally. Balahissar Fort is on both the eastern and western approaches to the city, and it is from near here that one can take a train along the mountain routes of the Khyber Pass. Pakistanis are hospitable and enjoy hosting foreign guests. Even the poorest labourers go out of their way to help new visitors. Locale makes an important difference in the quality of life; a low-income person in an urban area has more problems than one living in a tribal, mountainous area. It is worth noting that women are very well represented in government as demonstrated by the appointment of Benazir Bhutto to prime minister in The shorn hair is weighed and balanced against silver, and that silver is then given to the poor. Celebrations in Pakistan are centered in Lahore , and people from all over the country and abroad come to the city for the annual festivities. There are 57 members of the Senate and members of the National Assembly. There are over 15 major ethnic groups in Pakistan, which differ in physical features, historical bloodlines, customs, dress, food and music. A close study of the evolution of the stances of various ethnic political organisations is thus necessary to understand their relation to the state, as well as to show the conditions under which factions unite or fight one another. Pakistan is the 24th largest global economic country and GDP places it in rd position. One may conclude then by estimating that ethnic conflicts are not generated automatically nor are they necessarily related to degrees of ethnic heterogeneity which prevail within a society.

Guests are served first. After those in,the government was returned to civilian control via popular election.

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A large number of Pakistanis, estimated at 35 percent, live below the poverty line. The Muslims introduced some classical techniques that are still available up to this day.

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After , the Pakistani government began to implement a tea plantation project, which established green tea estates in Pakistan and achieved good performance. Shab-I-Barat is also celebrated as a remembrance day of deceased family and friends. It relies heavily on foreign loans and grants, and debt obligations take nearly 50 percent of the government's expenditures. This use of fine detail is also replicated in the crafting of camel skin in lamp shade making. In general, Pakistanis speak in a roundabout or circuitous fashion. It is estimated that approximately 95 percent of the population are Muslim, but members of several minority religions live there, including some Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, and Buddhists. Teachers are also highly in demand. It is one of the most consumed beverages in Pakistani cuisine. India, conversely, managed to put an end to widespread language riots by redrawing its administrative map along linguistic lines while maintaining Hindi and English as national languages. Music: Pakistani music is represented by a wide variety of forms. There are high-income, middle-income and a large number of low-income persons throughout the country. After the ceremony, dried dates are distributed to the guests.
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Pakistani Culture, Customs, and Traditions