An analysis of the concept of respect for others

Moral recognition respect for the dignity of persons is acknowledging this authority; we respect one another as persons when we hold each other mutually accountable for complying with the demands that we acknowledge each person has the authority to make of each other person as free and rational agents.

This brings us to a second sense in which persons are ends in themselves.

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One final dimension of Kant's discussions of respect that is worth mentioning is his attention to the feeling of respect reverentia. And it is a commonplace that persons are owed or have a right to equal respect. People who sell out, betray their own values, live inauthentic lives, let themselves be defined by others, or are complacently self-accepting lack this kind of recognition self-respect. The first, recognition self-respect, centers on what we can call status worth, which is worth that derives from such things as one's essential nature as a person, membership in a certain class, group, or people, social role, or place in a social hierarchy. We learn the basic social guidelines for respect as children. Our actual felt experiences of reverential respect play a significant role in some of these explanatory accounts; what justifies accepting our experience of respect for humans or other beings as grounds for an obligation is its coherence with our other moral beliefs Buss , Margalit , Gibbard Educators should encourage students to read respect essay in hopes of understanding what respect is all about. One view is that the equality of persons entails equal treatment; another view is that equal treatment would involve failing to respect the important differences among persons. For example, Kant argues that we have duties of love to others just as we have duties of respect. Balancing professional priorities with individual needs and requirements in a way that communicates maximum respect for people demands constant reflection on the meaning our actions convey. Our fundamental moral obligation, then, is to respect persons; morally right actions are thus those that express respect for persons as ends in themselves, while morally wrong actions are those that express disrespect or contempt for persons by not valuing them as ends in themselves Wood It might be their clothes, bags, homes or their cars. All persons are morally obligated or entitled to have this kind of self-respect. Reverential respect is a unique feeling not only in that it is produced by reason alone but also in that it is the only feeling that we can know a priori, which is to say that we can know that the moral experience of every human agent is necessarily and inescapably one of reverential respect for the moral law, for we cannot be aware of the moral law except reverentially Stratton-Lake The first is respect for oneself as a person among persons, as a member of the moral community with a status and dignity equal to every other person see, for example, Thomas a, Boxill , Hill

Some writers argue that respecting persons requires respecting the traditions and cultures that permeate and shape their individual identities Addis We should all live by treating others how we would like to be treated.

Different sources of status worth yield different configurations of recognition self-respect, but most contemporary discussions, heavily influenced by Kant, focus on dignity-based recognition self-respect. Evaluative self-respect, in contrast, has to do with acquired worth, merit, based on the quality of one's character and conduct.

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Recognition respect is not something individuals have to earn or might fail to earn, but something they are owed simply because they are rational beings.

Everything from the selection and arrangement of furniture and the selection of support activities, to the allocation of staff and resources can reflect the importance we assign to people receiving services and their needs.

But why does the possession of these capacities make persons ends in themselves?

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