An analysis of archbishop romero changing very much in his understanding of love and in his understa

On Sunday, March 20th, all the priests of the Archdiocese gathered to concelebrate the one Mass that was celebrated that day.

He was Archbishop for a little more than three years and his vision of ministry could be summed up by the words that he spoke during his last interview, one that he gave to the Mexican newspaper Excelsior just two week before his death: I have been frequently threatened with death. And this, not simply as almsgiving, but as a true vocation. As archbishop of San Salvador, he became the leader of the Church in his native land. Romero appeared to be the perfect man to return the Church to the sheepfold, the priests to the sacristy and Catholic teaching back to the Council of Trent and Vatican I. Set free or arraign in court those who have disappeared after their arrest or are jailed unjustly. I see the Church as a field hospital after the battle. The Pope smiled and blessed the people of El Salvador whom he wants to remain faithful to the paths of the Gospel. Appointment and Installation of Oscar Romero The nomination of Romero to assume the position as the Archbishop of San Salvador was backed by the wealthy, the large land owners and the Salvadoran government. First, Archbishop Romero announced the faith and was master of the truth; second, he was a zealous defender of justice, and three, he was friend, brother and defender of the poor and oppressed, of peasants and workers, of those who live in the marginal communities. To feel part of a whole that is always more than the sum of its parts cf.

The joy of a father and pastor lies in seeing his children grow and become fruitful. Continue to speak out against the cultural and spiritual desertification of your towns that causes a radical poverty, since it weakens their power of resistance, the necessary and vital immunity that preserves their dignity at times of great difficulty.

We cannot delegate to others the door that must be open to them.

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Tell them that the Pope loves them and cares for them and is aware of their suffering. They touch the very heart of God. He was neither an ideologue nor ideological; his actions were born of a thorough familiarity with the Council documents.

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In this way, Romero showed us that the pastor, in order to seek and discover the Lord, must learn to listen to the heartbeat of his people. Many migrants have young faces; they are seeking a better life for their families.

But if God accepts the sacrifice of my life, then may my blood be the seed of liberty and a sign of the hope that will soon become a reality.

An analysis of archbishop romero changing very much in his understanding of love and in his understa
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Essay by Charles Plock on Oscar Romero