A brief look into the life of courtney love

But the Hole that released the album wasn't the same band that Love was previously associated with. I love him and I always will.

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Larry Flynt. The cover art for Live Through This shows a photo of a beauty queen complete with a crown and feathered blonde hair, but mascara running down her face.

I cringed to think what her meeting with the F. Putting down the copy of a play that someone has written based on her on-line postings, Love tidies the bed by pushing newspapers onto the floor and lifting an ashtray filled with two packs of cigarette butts onto a nearby table.

Her birthday aside, this year seems like the perfect time to celebrate Love.

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His visual art shows his fascination with dolls, which he often used as humorous objects. She was ordered into a day drug treatment program, which she violated, subsequently receiving a sentence of six months in a closed rehab unit.

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Courtney will be performing at the ball with Micko Larkin, her guitarist from Hole. He was replaced in the band by Melissa Auf der Maur.

Instead of focussing on her acting, a Barbara Walters interview with Love begins with Walters asking her if she is on heroin.

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Courtney Love Remembers Late Husband Kurt Cobain on His 52nd Birthday