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Chopin confronts the theme of femininity and complexities of the married status in"The Storm". That within the compass of the story's five chapters Chopin offers, to varying degrees, the points of view of five different characters suggesting no implicit consensus of vision but only a sense of fragmentation. Calixta has some clothes that are hanging out to dry on the porch and, after Alcee arrives, they are in danger of blowing away from the strong winds that are approaching with the storm. Kate Chopin, A Biography. This waiting out or avoidance of the storm suggests that Bobinot also avoids the stormy passions that his wife is clearly capable of. The intensity of their sexual act can besymbolized from the pattern of the storm. Toth, Emily. Throughout the story, Calixta is described to be heavenly through the use of pure and "white" symbolism. The presence of the storm is not merely coincidental. Calixta's morality did not allow her to share this experience with her husband. Calixta, wife of Bobinot is alone at home and being a housewife, attends the household chores.

With an adulterous one-night stand at the center of the climactic tale, it's probably not surprising that Chopin did not appear to have made any effort to publish the story. Meanwhile, Calixta is at home sewing and unaware of the storm.

The Columbia History of the American Novel.

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He helps Calixta gather laundry and asks if he can wait at her place for the storm to pass over. In this story, the writer Kate Chopin has used the word "storm" in its symbolic meaning.

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Kate Chopin, A Biography. By providing a terrible storm Chopin creates an ingenious setting for this chance meeting. American Women Writers. In the present when the action takes place they are reliving that time when their passion was at its climax.

White is also used throughout the story to describe Calixta's skin and her bed. Both of the characters continue to live a normallife and play their gender roles in their respective marriages.

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The plot is clear enough, but the story is missing important details relating to the setting. Could an embrace such as from one who had been loved so passionately in the past be forsaken simply for the sanctity and contentment of society? Both are happy and smiling.

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By putting away the cotton sheet, thus putting away a reminder that she is married and has a life with another man, she is opening up to the possibility of interaction between herself and Alcee, even if the encounter turns out to be just physical without any emotion involved. This conveys the message that though Calixta has not yet noticed the coming storm she is subconsciously aware of it. Symbolism[ edit ] "The Storm" is a short story that takes place during the 19th century. This, essentially, is what the story seems to be about at the surface. It is the driving force behind the story and the affair. After the sexual encounter or symbolically, the passingof the storm, Alcee leaves Calixta's house, and both appear happy. Their passion grows stronger just like the storm beating down the barriers of the house. When a reader can feel the pain a character feels the author has accomplished something truly special. He has an affair with Calixta in the story.

The storm is so heavy that they decide to stay at the s tore until the weather calms down.

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Short Story Analysis: The Storm by Kate Chopin